We have already managed to complete over twentyfive acquisitions. Below you can become familiar with selected cases and other references from our activities.

Sale of company AG – project, s. r.o.

Sale of KLIMAALIANCIA, s.r.o. in Slovakia

Sale of 25% shares of internet marketing company

First company sold in Slovakia (KRÁLIK, s.r.o.)

Sale of language school St. James Education Centre s.r.o. (H413)

We have previously assisted the language school St. James Education Center in acquisitions of competing language agencies (see information below). Due to that the company with sales of over CZK 30 mln. ranked among the leading national language schools in the area of corporate training. After consolidation of the company in 2008, we began to work on its sale. Its owners have mandated us to find a buyer and ensure a whole sale process. Despite adverse market situation we succeeded and in May 2009 the sale was concluded. Buyers are related companies Agentura SPA s.r.o. and Jazyková škola Spěváček s.r.o. providing language courses and translation services. This acquisition will move them to the top of the industry.
Roman Kačín, former associate of St. James Education Centre: „The economic crisis substantially complicated the sale process, nevertheless BusinessMarket managed to successfully complete the transaction and under given circumstances achieve very good conditions.“

Sale of toolshop NAF, a.s. (H400)

Company NAF is a traditional manufacturer of progressive dies for the automobile and electronics industries, with 35 qualified employees. After 12-years of building the company its shareholder decided to sell the firm due to health reasons. Already at the beginning of our sale endeavour a domestic private equity firm Uptown has shown interest in an MBO of this tool shop. Sale of shares took place five months later in August 2008 (excerpt from the commercial register). The new owner wants to continue in well esteemed tool-making for customers in other fields.
Josef Bartak, NAF ex-shareholder: „Working with BusinessMarket has quickly resolved the sale of my company. I am pleased that they have managed to find a follower in my business, who sees a perspective in tool-making.“

Sale of activities and assets of Chemoplast, a.s. (H222)

Chemoplast has sixty-year history in thermoplastic processing and manufacturing of injection molds. Production program in three branches in Brno and its surroundings consists mainly from production of plastic moldings for various industries, as well as children's toys with which the company came into widespread awareness. After two years of searching and communicating with potential candidates we managed to find investors, which through an Asset Deal in July 2008 took over all 90 employees, the production program with trademark and technology. The group of investors was led by Blue Elephant Company. Their intention is to expand prospective activities particularly in the field of technical moldings and to make the operations more efficient. For more information see press release in Hospodarske noviny.

Acquisition research for CIE Automotive

BusinessMarket cooperated with CIE Automotive in 2005 to assist its acquisition plans in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. CIE Automotive is one of the leading European automotive component groups listed on a stock exchange with already a strong presence in CZ. In the course of a two year cooperation we located and researched tens production companies and facilitated several negotiations with CIE representatives. Investor finally opted for other ways of expansion in CEE countries.

Prodej 100% akcií autosalonu (H172)

Prodej části podnikatelských aktivit společnosti H-info s.r.o. (H150)

Sale of activities and assets of DoZnač, dopravní značení a cyklotrasy, s.r.o.

DoZnač is one of the largest players in the field of road signs in the CR. In line with the current consolidation in this field Doznac shareholders wanted to ensure better prospects for their business through gaining a background of a strong owner. It has been brought by the company SOMARO CZ, s.r.o. belonging to multinational construction group COLAS. Doznac owners asked us to represent them in the negotiations on price, transaction structure and legal documentation. In December 2007 the transaction was successfully completed with the takeover of selected activities and assets of DoZnač.
Ing. Václav Kaska, former associate of DoZnač: „I first led the negotiations with the investor and his advisor myself. Soon I realized that to achieve adequate terms of sale it is appropriate to use services of an experienced consultant, therefore I charged BusinessMarket to assist us. That decision has prooved to be very good.“

Sale of Aluminum Foundry (H245)

Cooperation with the firm's associates began in December 2005. Aluminium foundry s.r.o. is one the successful foundries focused on gravity and pressure casting of aluminium alloys with annual revenues of about CZK 70 million and 75 employees. In January 2006, holding ONIVON has shown interest in this company. The investor is active in the fields of metal processing, tools making, electrical equipment, etc. The negotiations lasted intermittently for almost two years while negotiations with other candidates were held. Shares were transferred in October 2007 (excerpt from the commercial register). The new owner assumes further development of the foundry and partial integration into the holding. The original associates will stay in the management of the company for another two years.

Sale of 100% share of C-KLIMA PRAHA s.r.o. (H012)

C-KLIMA PRAHA is a domestic supplier of complex ventilation and air conditioning solutions with annual sales of over CZK 100 million and a long reference list. Within two years of working on the sale of the company BusinessMarket attracted several potential buyers from nearby fields. However the agreement was reached with two private investors who have so far worked in managerial positions of various companies. This step will enable them to engage in managing and developing of their own company on prospective market. Takeover of the company owned by six associates was completed in January 2007. The private investors joined with another company that participates on financing of the transaction and has thus become a third shareholder.
Ing. Petr Kohoutek, a former associate of C-KLIMA PRAHA: „The circumstances of the sale of our company were quite complicated and required a sensitive approach. Team of the BusinessMarket have mastered the task and identified candidates that bring a new perspective to our long-built business.“

N049 – dental laboratory (finding financial partner)

This sale offer was listed in the unreleased Businesses for sale offer of the BusinessMarket.
The owner of one of the top dental laboratories in CZ (fabricating dental prosthetics) turned to us with a need to locate a financial partner for ensuring funds for a further growth. As a potentially corresponding partner a small financial group was identified. Negotiations lasted for almost a year when in June 2006 funds were granted and other economic relations were set up. With this the laboratory gains a solid background that will enable it focusing more on its core activity. Due to competition concerns we do not have a permission to disclose more information, we expect obtaining the approval by the end of this year.

N317 – maintenance and assembly of electronic devices (sale of 100% stake)

This sale offer was listed in the unreleased Businesses for sale offer of the BusinessMarket.
In October 2006 a sale of 100% stake on a company M a R s.r.o. engaged in maintenance and assembly of electronic devices in papermill industry was completed. Through its Czech subsidiary FABRICOM CZ a.s. it was taken over by a multinational group SUEZ active mainly in industrial services. BusinessMarket accompanied the sellers through the whole sale process (among others addressing of investors, bidding process organization, negotiations, legal assistance).
Václav Štěrba, seller of M a R s.r.o.: „Turning to BusinessMarket was a right choice. Thanks to that a smooth running of the whole transaction with the multinational counterpart was ensured and above all a price over expectations was reached.“
Ing. Petr Barák, MBA, Board Member of FABRICOM CZ a.s.: „With BusinessMarket we encountered a professional approach that corresponds to our acquisition experiences within our global group.”

H029 – industrial manufacturer (sale of 51% stake)

The BusinessMarket has found a financial investor - ALKONA a.s. for the company SIRIUS Praha, s.r.o.. SIRIUS Praha is engaged in designing and manufacturing of machines, devices and tools for deformation-free punching of closed profile materials and tubes. ALKONA is a holding group running several companies in the area of real estate development, real estate trading, consultancy and manufacturing. The transaction includes a sale of 51% stake (commercial register extract is found here), subsequent cash contribution to equity and setting a background for financing future needs of the business. This partnership improves current financial situation of SIRIUS Praha but foremost it means a new perspective of its future growth. For the ALKONA group it represents an interesting investment opportunity and diversification of its activities.

H135 - internet store (sale of set of property)

Company STAND CZ spol. s r.o. engaged in sale and service of office electronics and hardware decided to sell off its internet store as a non-core activity. The business was offered through BusinessMarket since March 2005, and then the negotiations with major internet store operators about a potential acquisition began. The case was completed in October 2005 as a takeover of the internet store by the group Unicorn (sold a set of property).

N087 – financial services provider (sale of 100% stake)

This sale offer was listed in the unreleased Businesses for sale offer of the BusinessMarket.
Stake in the company Euro Financial Corporation s.r.o. (commercial register extract) providing financial services (currency exchange) was sold to British investor CG Pay Ltd. from the same field. Through this acquisition he expands his presence to the Czech Republic. Partners had been contacted through BusinessMarket in November 2004. The sale transaction was completed in May 2005.

H024 - freight forwarder (joint venture established)

The BusinessMarket in cooperation with the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce in Prague managed to find a strategic partner for a Czech middle-size freight-forwarder Spedice Petráček. He established a joint venture with a Dutch freight-forwarder of a comparable size - Poels-Janssen Transport. The joint venture P.J.P.T. s.r.o. takes over some property as well as business activities of both partners. It will be managed mainly by the Czech party. The business will have a great benefit for both parties in terms of strengthening their market position and cost reduction.

Sale of company running sheltered workshop (N488)

In early 2009 we were approached by the owners of a sheltered workshop with 25 employees. The company provides a simple assembly works and sews working clothes in own renovated building. Thanks to our contact with an investor active in this area, which reflected on the offer, negotiations began almost immediately. The process was successfully completed in June 2009 with the sale of 100% business share in the company. The new owner integrated the workshop into his network, within which employs over 800 employees with reduced working ability.
In this case the parties do not wish to disclose themselves, reference will therefore be provided on request.

Prodej 100% podílu na společnosti provozující call centrum (H395)

cooperation on acquisitions by St. James Language Center s.r.o.

BusinessMarket was mandated by a language school St. James Language Center s.r.o. in spring 2007. The company intended to significantly expand through taking over of possibly several competitors. Our task was to address over 50 potential acquisition targets, gather information about those ready to negotiate the sale and facilitate communication between the parties. The process succeeded in August when St. James Language Center took over activities of CAMELOT languages s.r.o. and Language Centre David Holiš (mainly clientele and teachers).
John O´Keefe, director of St. James Language Center: „BusinessMarket provided us with a timesaving solution for our acquisitions. Within our cooperation we mainly appreciated a proactive approach of their team.“

H133 – producer of industrial furnaces (offering business from bankruptcy estate)

Based on a reference from the agency CzechInvest the BusinessMarket was addressed by the bankruptcy administrator of the company ŠKODA KLATOVY s.r.o. As of March 2005 this plant with 274 employees had been offered via the BusinessMarket that thus took part on locating potential investors for the bidding contest. It was completed in July 2005 with selecting a strategic buyer who took over the business (press release is found here).

N101 – producer of building materials (sale of business of natural person)

This sale offer was listed in the unreleased Businesses for sale offer of the BusinessMarket.
Sole entrepreneur Mr. Roman Pos engaged in production of dry mortar mixes had addressed BusinessMarket in February 2005. Within a short time dealings with a potential buyer, company Abasta s.r.o. were mediated. The buyer was interested in broadening his activities in construction consultancy with a production in the same field. The sale was completed already in April 2005. New owner intends to further develop the customer base and the product range.

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