Buying and selling Czech businesses

Who we are here for

We are here for those who are considering
  • buying a business (acquisition) in the Czech Republic
  • selling their business or finding a capital partner for further growth
  • individual services related to these transactions (transaction consulting, business valuation, addressing the designated counter-party, etc.)

We focus on small and medium sized companies incorporated in the Czech Republic, which have annual revenues starting from ten and anywhere to hundreds of millions of CZK.

We are generally contacted by successful and prosperous companies. The motive for their sale is often the owners’ retirement, transfer of assets, etc.

Businesses sold

Prodej výrobce systémů pro energetické úspory
Firma vyrábí energetická zařízení zaměřená na
zpětné získávání tepla a průmyslové sušení. Tržby
přesahují 150 mil. Kč. 60% podil na společnosti
odkoupil finanční investor v červenci 2018.

Latest News

Již rok jsme členem sítě Corporate Finance
in Europe
sdružující M&A poradce ve většině
evropských zemí. Díky tomuto partnerství jsme
schopni s našimi prodejními mandáty efektivně
oslovovat zahraniční strategické investory.

Newly listed Businesses for sale

Business activitySales *
metalworking30 - 50
manufacture of protective equipment 30 - 50
manufacture of energy-saving systems100 - 200

Who we are

Since 2004, we have been sought by the owners of companies and investors seeking suitable counter-partners in for acquisition or sale or the provision of related services.

We have experience with more than twenty completed business sales (see References) and communication with hundreds of companies and bidders for acquisitions.

Thanks to our consistently growing reach and network of contacts,
  • investors get access to dozens of successful Czech businesses with investment potential offered for sale
  • business owners get access to a wide range of Czech and foreign investors.

We are a qualified and flexible team. We emphasise professionalism and adequate handling of confidential information.


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