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The BusinessMarket is a project by the company TF Partners, s.r.o. Since its foundation in January 2004, the company has been active in the area of brokering the sale of companies. It is transparently owned by two founding partners.

  • Both partners have been professionally active in corporate finance for over ten years – e.g. work at the Corporate Finance Department of the University of Economics, provision of loans and credit analysis, appraisal of enterprises, medium-sized company management.
  • Before launching the BusinessMarket project, they spent five years working in various positions in the financial sector (incl. ČSOB and KB). Following university education they focused on accounting and financial management, they underwent countless courses in the area of corporate finance. Over the long-term, they keep track of events in the area of acquisitions and mergers within the framework of the local and global economy.

Our activities in the sale of companies

We try to cover the widest range of business owners seeking to sell their business and prospective investors:

  • Domestically over the long term, we use marketing tools (e.g. billboards, press advertising, Internet), communicate with institutions that entrepreneurs address during the sale of their enterprise (e.g. attorneys, tax advisors, chambers of commerce and associations) and are involved in educational activities.
  • Foreign investors coming to the Czech Republic are reached through special media, local brokers and other entities with which we have partnerships. This refers particularly to Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Spain, France, Russia and Israel.
  • We also directly address specific production and commercial enterprises, financial groups, private and risk capital funds, etc.

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