Selling a business

Are you considering selling your company?

Are you considering selling your company? Or are you seeking a strategic partner or financial investor to ensure further growth? And you don’t have a clear idea yet?

  • After determining the basic information, we will propose a convenient sale procedure and discuss the potential sale conditions with you.

Do you want to negotiate or are already discussing the sale of your company with a specific investor?

  • We will contact the buyer on your behalf.
  • We will assess the buyer’s proposal regarding transaction conditions and provide you with recommendations.
  • We will coordinate the sale, support you in negotiations, process an indicative appraisal of the enterprise, etc.

Are you the seller’s consultant or broker? We will agree on an individual approach depending on the specific circumstances of the case.

Businesses sold

Akvizice stavebnin ve Středočeském kraji
Na přelomu roku 2019/2020 proběhlo převzetí
prodejce stavebních materiálů s obratem přes
40 mil. Kč formou Asset Deal. Investorem je
jedna z předních tuzemských sítí stavebnin...

Why choose us?

  • We have experience with more than fifteen implemented company sales (see References) and communicate with hundreds of business owners and potential investors. This helps us be better at:
    • Working with the specific nature of smaller companies.
    • Assess the marketability of the given company and the attainable price range. We will show you the investor’s point of view.
    • Propose a corresponding approach for the given company sale including selection of a range of suitable bidders and negotiation tactics.
    • Process and present information about the business for sale so as to emphasise the relevant information from the investor’s perspective and defend the required, reasonable price.
  • Through us, offers for the sale of a company are communicated to the greatest possible number of domestic and foreign prospective buyers:.
    • Access to about thousands potential investors with various profiles (enterprises in various sectors, private investors, financial groups)
    • The communication channels we use are very difficult or expensive to access for regular sellers (e.g. savings on advertising of one or several companies for sale).
    • We have long-term relationships with many investors. Therefore, they consider our offers of companies for sale reliable and worthwhile.
  • We have set up our processes so as to maximally protect confidential information.
  • We save your time in communication with bidders:
    • We ensure the repetitive preliminary communication process and provision of information to bidders, which would otherwise detain you.
    • Thanks to experience and process settings, we are generally able to protect you from unreliable or non-credible bidders (bidder “filtration”) and concentrate instead on the most suitable partners for the specific case.

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