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Are you considering an acquisition?

  1. Don´t you have a specific idea about the business wanted yet? Browse through the selected businesses for sale.
  2. Do you have a specific idea about the profile of the company sought for takeover?
    • We will assess whether we have any corresponding company within our reach.
    • We will register your demand internally and contact you if a corresponding enterprise for sale appears.
    • We will discuss with you the options of active seeking of a company for sale according to your requirements.
  3. Do you already know which enterprise you want to address with a takeover or merger bid? Or are you already in negotiations with it?
    • We will contact it and determine interest in sale, obtain and process information about it, and arrange other services related to acquisition even individually.

Within the acquisition or merger process we offer services such as business valuation, negotiation support, transaction structuring, process coordination, consulting of acquisition financing, arrangement of due diligence, preparation of legal documentation, etc.

How to obtain information about a company on offer

  1. First we will send you the Acquisition offer - brief profile (a two-page anonymous profile of the company for sale).
  2. If your interest persists, it is necessary to
    • obtain the seller’s consent to the release of information to a specific bidder. To obtain this consent, we need your introduction and comment on the reasons for interest.
    • conclude a universal nondisclosure agreement with us.

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Business for sale

Business activitySales *
chemical production200 - 300
sale of sporting goods100 - 200
plastics manufacturing50 - 100

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